tips for your next commercial painting project

December 26, 2017

Tips for Your Next Commercial Painting Project


Painting a commercial property isn't the same as painting a residential property. Commerical painting isn't a reflection of a person. It's a reflection of a business.

A shoddy commercial paint job could give customers the wrong idea about a business. They might think the business operates messily or nonchalantly.

If customers get the wrong idea, they'll likely avoid the business.

For that reason, it's important that you find the right painting contractor to paint your commercial property.

Let's take a look at some tips for finding that contractor.

Tips for Your Next Commercial Painting Project

There are several tips you should consider before hiring a painting contractor. Below, we've reviewed the most important ones.

Give Yourself A Selection

Going with the first painting contractor you find may sound tempting. After all, your commercial only needs a fresh coat of paint. How hard could one new coat be to paint?

Think again.

Commercial painting takes skill and special equipment.

For that reason, it's a good idea to pick out at least three contractors to check out.

You can find potential contractors by word of mouth or the local phone book. The most effective place to find information about contractors, though, is the Internet.

Using the Internet, you can find the addresses, services, and pricing for local painting contractors.

What's more, you can find reviews of their business.

Check out Yelp or Facebook. Yelp is a business review site that will give you insight into how the business works and treats customers. Facebook business pages allow you to rate a business and leave a review.

Contact Contractors For Additional Information

Don't assume all of a contractor's information is on their website.

Although the contractor may provide commercial painting, every situation is different.

The contractor may not cover painting in your area. They may be booked solid for several months and unable to take you on as a client in a timely manner.

They may also use an unspecified process when determining the price for a commercial painting job.

Regardless, you won't know if you don't ask.

Contacting a contractor also gives you insight into their personality.

It's true, a commercial paint job is just that: a job. However, you want to hire someone who is professional, will listen to your concerns, and answer your questions.

Verify Contractors' License and Insurance

Some states require that painting contractors obtain a license in order to professionally paint. Many also require contractors to maintain insurance.

Before choosing, you should know whether or not your potential contractors are practicing legally.

First, research your state's commercial painting requirements. Reach out to the state department. Get a breakdown of what kind of documentation a painting contractor should have.

Next, ask for verification of those documentations from the contractors. If they're working legally, they should be able to provide proof.

View Portfolios

It is becoming increasingly popular for contractors to post photos of their work on their websites.

Those photos tell potential clients several things.

First, they indicate the contractor's quality of work. Clients can judge for themselves if the contractor is worth contacting.

Second, the photos showcase the contractor's range and style. Clients can see if the contractor has done similar projects in the past.

Check a potential contractor's website for a portfolio. If they have one, give it a thorough look-through. Keep an eye out for similar jobs that the contractor has completed.

Some contractors have a physical portfolio rather than a digital one. If that's the case, simply ask if you can see it. Schedule a time for you to go in and check out the portfolio.

Review References

Not all contractors will have a portfolio. Commercial painting usually doesn't require artistic finesse.

However, all contractors should have references for previous clients.

Ask for clients' reference information. When you receive it, be sure to check with all clients.

Ask the contractor's references about their professionalism and reliability.

Does the contractor act professional while on the job? Do they show up on time and do what they say they're going to do? How long did it take them to finish the job?

Additionally, ask for job details. Multiple residential references are great, but they can't help you determine if the contractor can handle a commercial job.

Also, be sure to ask about job quality. How long ago was the job? Did the contractor perform high-quality work, and has the paint since started to peel.

Keep Notes

You're going to gather a lot of information during this process. It's best to organize it so you can review and analyze it easily later.

Outline a page full of information you need and questions you want to ask. Since you'll be reaching out to multiple contractors, it's best to make the outline via a computer program.

Making an outline via a program has a few different advantages.

First, you can add and remove information from the file. You can also rearrange the information as you see fit.

Second, you can print out multiple sheets -- one per contractor, in fact. You can have a sheet in front of you when talking to the contractor and take notes while they're talking.

Third, the information remains organized. You can find whatever piece of information you're looking for quickly and easily. Since you must type into programs, you'll always be able to read the information.

Go With Your Gut

Choosing the right commercial painting contractor is no easy task. In many respects, it's like picking a candidate during the job hiring process.

Every contractor has their pros and cons. More than likely, you'll find that every contractor you look at is qualified for the job.

When that happens, the only thing you can do is go with your gut.

Choose the contractor that sits right with you.

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