The Many Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

December 1, 2018

Do you own a warehouse or a commercial building that has dirty and grimy concrete floors? 

Floors aren't something people often think about unless they are broken, chipped or cracked. However, floors are part of everyday work life and deserve just as much attention as the other nitty-gritty details in a business. 

Because of its immense amount of benefits such as providing a smooth and durable surface, epoxy flooring might be just what your commercial building or warehouse needs to take your building from good to great. 

There is a chance that you have never heard of epoxy flooring before, but we are here to walk you through the entire process and to help you decide if epoxy flooring is a good choice for you. 

What Is Epoxy Flooring? 

First of all, epoxy flooring is unlike any garage floor paint that you have ever heard of or used before.

Epoxy is a chemical compound that is composed of two equal parts; resin and hardener. When these two chemicals are mixed together, they form a rigid plastic that is durable, resistant and adheres extremely well to concrete flooring. 

Epoxy is such a strong substance that it is used as flooring in even the highest traffic buildings such as hospitals, laboratories, busy warehouses, manufacturing plants, and pharmaceutical buildings. 

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring might sound like just another floor, but it has an immense amount of benefits that can increase work productivity and make your commercial building look sleek and shiny. 

1. Enhances Building Appearance 

It is amazing how much a floor coating can change the appearance of your business.

Just by giving your floor a shiny and sleek coating, it can give your building an entire makeover. An epoxy floor will give your building that professional touch that you have been longing for. Not to mention that epoxy coatings come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your exact design needs.

Do you hate those cracks and crevices in your ugly concrete floor? An epoxy flooring will fill in all of those unwanted eyesores, providing you with a sleek and smooth floor. Take your floors from grimy to shiny and you will fall in love with epoxy flooring. 

2. Increases Safety in the Workplace

Epoxy flooring is developed with safety as a number one priority. It is resistant to slipping, extreme impact, fire, and temperature, which makes it safe for both your employees and your building.

Epoxy also prevents concrete dusting, which is not only a health risk to employees, but it can also collect on inventory and damage industrial equipment

3. Impressive Durability 

Epoxy flooring can last up to a whopping two to three years in a commercial environment. It can withstand the wear and tear from high foot traffic and high equipment traffic such as forklifts without showing any signs of fading. 

Once you have an epoxy floor, the impressive durability of the epoxy will allow you to focus on other business needs. Not to mention that it will save you money in the long run because it does not need to be replaced as often as other flooring alternatives.   

4. Quick Installation

Epoxy flooring is both fast and easy to install, which means that your business production won't be shut down for very long, and you can get your employees back to work in no time.

Your business will not be interrupted for a long period of time, meaning you can focus on other business-related issues and not the installation of your new floor. As soon as the epoxy dries, you can re-open your business with a brand-new, shiny floor. 

5. Low Maintenance 

Once the epoxy has sealed to a concrete floor, all concrete dusting will be eliminated. Not only will this benefit employee's safety, but it will also eliminate any time it previously took to clean up that unwanted dust around your workplace. 

Because the epoxy seals any unwanted cracks and dents, there are a fewer amount of germs hiding in your floor, which makes for easy cleanup. Dust, germs, debris, and dirt can all be easily wiped away from this smooth and stain-free flooring. 

Say goodbye to pesky and high maintenance flooring and say hello to the easiest clean up you will ever come across. 

6. Increases Brightness

Because epoxy flooring is so sleek and shiny, it can actually increase the brightness in your building thanks to its highly reflective surface. It takes the light on the ceiling and bounces it back into your workspace as opposed to absorbing it into the concrete. This will also save you money in the long run because you can eliminate the amount of light you have been using.

Everyone loves lower overhead costs, right? 

7. All Around Faster Business Productivity 

At the end of the day, epoxy flooring will benefit the productivity of your business by improving multiple aspects of your workflow.

Because there are no dents or cracks in the floor, it will benefit your equipment by preventing further damages. Epoxy will eliminate employee accidents with its slippage resistant. It will eliminate the cleaning time of concrete dust and of the actual floor itself, and it will save you money on your electric bills. 

Think about all of the time and money that you will be saving by implementing epoxy flooring. Who knew a shiny and durable floor could be so beneficial? 

What Steps to Take Next

If you are interested in making your warehouse or commercial building more aesthetically pleasing, saving money, increasing productivity, implementing easy cleanups and increasing safety in the workplace, then epoxy flooring will be your business's best friend. 

Here at Petrusse-Norris Painting, we are experts in epoxy flooring, and we would love to transform your building into a beautiful, shiny workplace with our top of the line epoxy flooring.

No job is too big or small for us, and, not to mention, we finish our jobs safely, on time and within budget to give our customers the best experience they can possibly receive. 

Contact us today to begin your building transformation and to receive your free quote on epoxy flooring. 

The Author | Melissa Petrusse
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