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September 25, 2017

What You Need to Know About Roof Coatings


Business owners are always looking for ways to cut costs and maximize profits -- but the roof of their building is probably the last place many would think to look.

Getting a roof coating for your building can actually benefit you in the long run, from improving the look of your brick-and-mortar building to saving you money on your monthly bills. There are still a lot of misconceptions about them, so we want to make sure you have the best information possible.

Read on to learn all you need to know about roof coatings.

1. They Can Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Over time, the materials in your roof will gradually break down. That's just something to be expected when you're talking about something that is constantly exposed to the elements, right?

However, a roof coating can help to slow down this process. All roofs will need to be replaced at some point, but a good coating will delay that cost for years.

The coating itself will even last for a decent amount of time. While some think that roof coatings need to be replaced often, even an average coating should be able to work for at least ten years without a problem.

It's a super easy way to help such an essential part of your building last as long as possible.

2. Roof Coatings Help With Waterproofing

One of the ways that roof coatings help to extend the life of your roof is by increasing the water resistance of the materials.

Coatings are better at waterproofing than other materials and are even cheaper. They form a seal over your roof, preventing future leaks and even fixing current minor ones. No more unsightly water stains on your ceilings!

Certain coatings will even hold up on roofs that are prone to ponding water conditions.

If you live in an area with a lot of rain and want to reduce the damage done to your roof over time, a roof coating is definitely the way to go. But that's just one of the ways that roof coatings are helpful.

3. They Protect From Sun Damage

Maybe you have completely different weather conditions -- instead of living in a rainy area, your business is located somewhere with a relentless sun that's constantly beating down on your roof.

Roof coatings can offset the damage from the sun as well. Reflective coatings direct the sunlight away from your roof, reducing the amount of UV rays and infrared light absorbed by the materials. Over time these weaken your roof, so anything that can reduce their strength is beneficial.

It can also reduce a roof's thermal shock. Coatings will expand and contract based on the sun's heat over the course of the day so that they're constantly adapting to the weather conditions.

To find out just how much your roof coating will help, look up its solar reflectance ability.

4. Roof Coatings Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

Because roof coatings can reflect back the sun's rays, it also means that your building will absorb less heat over the course of each day. This makes it much easier on your cooling system to regulate the temperature of the building.

For those who need to cool the air in large buildings, this is a way to reduce the costs of your energy bill by as much as ten to twenty percent per month. Applying a roof coating is an easy and quick way to make your business more energy efficient.

If you really want to drop your energy costs, look for coatings that are Energy Star certified. They can reduce the internal temperature of smaller buildings by seven to ten degrees just by reflecting back the sun's rays.

5. They Can Have Cosmetic Benefits

A fresh coat of paint isn't the only thing that can help give your business an easy facelift. Besides all the economic benefits of roof coatings, they can also add in some extra cosmetic appeal to your business.

The chemical breakdown that comes from the natural wear and tear on a roof can harm your roof's appearance, giving your building a slightly worn feel that most owners would like to avoid. A roof coating can prevent this breakdown from happening in the first place.

Aside from that, though, they can also brighten your roof and add visual appeal. For businesses whose roofs can be easily seen -- like somewhere in a city with high-rise buildings or if you're somewhere close to an overpass -- this means you can basically extend your visual appeal from the curb to the air.

You take care to make sure the inside of your business looks as great as possible. Why not do the same for your roof?

6. They're Easy To Get

At this point, you might be waiting for the other shoe to drop. For something with so many pros, it's easy to wonder what the cons could be. If there are so many great things about roof coatings, they must be expensive or difficult to apply, right?

Not at all. Besides saving you money over time by reducing the likelihood of damage and increasing your energy efficiency, a roof coating is also relatively inexpensive to apply. And once they're applied, they don't cost a lot of money to maintain.

Plus, a simple coating is far more cost effective than having to tear off and replace an entire roof -- and prevents the waste that would happen from a project like that.

It's applied via a spray, roller, or brush, and will cure pretty quickly depending on the type of coating you choose and your weather conditions.

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