Relaxing Paint Colors for Your Spa

September 12, 2019

Do you want to present a tranquil, calm atmosphere in your spa to ensure your clients experience a comfortable, peaceful visit?

By choosing relaxing paint colors, you set a peaceful backdrop for your spa space. You can select soothing spa colors that invoke tranquility and balance, which your visitors will appreciate and look forward to.

Along with your creative interior decorating skills, think about the psychology of color for selecting the calming paint colors. Did you know that paint colors affect the mood in a room and the feeling of anyone who enters it?

According to Debbie Zimmer, the color expert at the Paint Quality Institute, the colors of paint are so powerful they can transform your state of mind and even your body. Read more to learn which paint colors evoke peace, harmony, and tranquility.

The Most Relaxing Paint Colors

From the ancient Egyptians and Native Americans, you can see how important paint colors were to them in their artwork. They favored greens and blues found in nature. These colors had an emotional and calming significance for them.

You can create the same emotional peace with today's calming paint colors whether you're painting your spa yourself or hiring a commercial painter.

The following interpretations of color psychology and meanings affect emotional wellness and balance, which are very important for a successful spa.


Various shades of blue can slow your pulse rate and lower your body temperature. When using blue for interior painting, it stimulates compassion and sympathy. Blue is a spiritual color for people who search for meaning and relevance in their lives.


Green not only offers a soothing effect, but it also stimulates renewal and vigor, which most spa users hope to gain. It also offers emotional safety and is associated with healing powers.

In fact, green has a positive influence on the mind and body and suggests endurance. Because of its calming and tranquil factors, green interior paint is a good color choice for your spa.


Just like sunshine, yellow is a happy color. It sends an emotional message of hope and optimism. Yellow inspires creativity and stimulates thinking. But, you have to be careful when choosing yellow paint because too much yellow can cause a disturbing feeling.

So, if you're using yellow in your spa, consider painting with complementary or contrasting colors along with subtle use of yellow.


Although red increases blood pressure with energy and excitement, its lighter shade of pink is one of the most calming paint colors. It represents gentle love and tenderness. Painting a room in pink gives it a non-threatening and hopeful feel.

Many people think of their childhood innocence when they're in a pink room. So, applying pink paint will give your spa a kind and nurturing aura.


You can't go wrong with white paint. White is a peaceful, simple color that adds a spacious feel to any room. This makes white a good choice for smaller rooms.

White conveys goodness and purity. It also represents new beginnings and safety. If your spa customers want a change in their lives, white interior paint can help inspire them.

Paint Finish Options for Your Spa

Once you choose your paint colors, your decisions aren't over yet. Next, you have to decide which paint finish you want your walls to have. Each paint finish has different qualities.

You can consult your professional painter about paint finishes suited to your spa.  The following guide to paint finishes can help you make an informed decision about questions to ask or which finish you should choose.


Matte paint is also known as a flat finish. It has the least amount of shine and for some paint brands, no shine at all. Although matte finish paint helps hide imperfections in your walls, the flat finish makes it difficult to clean off handprints and other spots.

If you have extra paint, it's actually easier to just paint over any marks or prints instead of trying to wash them off of a flat finish. If you like a matte finish but are concerned about stains, you can select matte-enamel paint.

This also gives you a matte finish but additional chemicals are added to the paint. The additive forms a film on your wall's surface, which makes it easier to clean. These are also known as washable paints.


Picture an eggshell. It has a slight sheen on its surface. This is just what an eggshell finish paint has. Eggshell paint is easy to clean and durable. Its subtle shine won't reflect wall imperfections like glossy paint will.


Satin finish paint is similar to eggshell, but it has a bit more shine. It has a velvety texture and makes a good choice for trim, molding and high-traffic areas, such as your spa reception room.

It's easy to clean without worrying about damaging the paint's finish. Satin paint also resists cracks and chips.


Semi-gloss paint has more shine than satin. This makes more light reflect off the walls. Because of this, the color you choose might appear darker than you originally thought.

This finish is durable and cleans well. If your spa has stair banisters or cabinets where handprints are a problem, semi-gloss paint is a good choice.


Glossy or high-gloss paint has a shiny, reflective finish that catches the eye. It's usually used for door and window trim. But, it can also add glamour to your spa walls. Glossy paint is very durable and easy to clean.

You can mix and match any of these paint finishes to give your spa a unique look and feel. For example, applying gloss paint to the trim of a room with matte finish walls will give a 3D impression to the room.

Combine Color Psychology and Personal Preference

Color psychology should be a part of the relaxing paint colors you choose for your spa, but also consider your personal color preferences. No one will spend as much time in your spa as you do, so you want colors that you love.

By combining color psychology and your own interior design ideas, you'll get the most out of the quality interior paints and finishes that you select.

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