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December 20, 2020

A Business Owner's Guide on How to Prepare for Commercial Painting Contractors

Do you need to hire the best commercial painting services to improve the look of your building?

A fresh coat of paint can do so much for your commercial property.

Painting your building gives it a great look and may help to generate new traffic to your business. This renovation can impress clients, improve employee productivity, and it may also increase property value.  

You need to know how to prepare for commercial painting contractors to ensure the project goes smoothly. Follow this guide to get ready for your painting crew.

Tell Employees and Customers

Will you be painting your building during business hours? If so, you need to give your employees a heads up and tell them what day you're planning to paint your building.

Be sure to inform your employees about your renovation before they arrive at work. 

Your customers should also know about the business painting that you have scheduled. Simply post a sign on your doors letting them know that painters are coming to work on your building. You can also let them know when you plan to resume regular business hours.

Telling people your plans ahead of time prevents confusion and helps to avoid inconveniences. Taking this step also makes it easier for your project to be completed right on schedule.

Choose Colors

Will you be getting a new color scheme to change the look of your building? Decide what colors you want to paint your commercial property. The specific colors you choose for your building should reflect your business. 

You should make a list of the colors that you think are suitable for your building. Think about using trendy color schemes that will have a certain effect on your employees and customers. 

Choose colors that set a professional tone and mood. This will have a positive impact on your customers. The colors can affect the way people perceive your business and may encourage them to keep coming back.

What are the best colors you can use for your business? You can choose any color of your preference. However, you can also consider using deep navy blue, green, orange, red, or white to add life and sophistication to your business.

Choosing the best colors can be a little overwhelming. So, take the time to figure out what shades are best for your building before the painters arrive.

Wash Your Walls

Make sure you clean your walls to prepare for your commercial painting project. You should clean the walls whether you're painting the interior or exterior of your commercial building. 

Wall prep is an essential step that you should not overlook. You can end up with all types of painting imperfections if you paint dirty walls. Painting dirty walls will also cause you to waste money because you will not get the smooth finish you need.

So, you should take the time to wash your walls. Remove all the dirt, dust, stains, and cobwebs to leave a clean surface for the painters to work on. 

You'll need warm water, a sponge, and detergent to give your walls a good scrub. Thorough cleaning of your walls ensures the paint will stick to the surface. Using a clean surface also makes the paint last longer and prevents you from doing too many touch-ups.

Remove Wall Art

Remove all wall art pieces before the commercial painting contractors arrive to paint your walls. You might also need to remove photos, mirrors, or clocks that you have hanging on your walls.

You should also peel off the wallpaper that you're using. This is a better way for you to prepare your walls. Removing your old wallpaper makes it easier for paint applications and for you to get the right results.

Remove Furniture

Remove all the furniture, accessories, and other items that are in the way. Commercial painting contractors need enough room to work and to move around during service.

So, it's helpful for you to cover the furniture with protective material. Cover all your furniture and other items to protect them from accidental paint splotches. 

If possible, you can put all your furniture in a storage room. You can also put them in the basement to protect them from dust and debris while the painters work on your building. Be sure to choose a location where moisture is not an issue. 

Make Repairs

Perform essential repairs before the painters come to your location. Inspect your building and make a note of the problematic areas you discover.

You may not get results if you apply paint to a damaged building. 

You could have specific areas on your building that you need to fix. Your building may have structural damage or cracks that prevent you from getting a smooth paint finish. 

These are essential repairs that you cannot postpone if you're planning to paint your building. 

You may need to make these repairs weeks in advance to prepare your building for paint applications. You can also save time by hiring professionals to get your repairs done on time.

Contact Quality Commercial Painting Contractors to Enhance Your Building

Preparation is key for any painting project that you have to perform. Following this guide helps to eliminate hassles and enables you to get good results working with a team of commercial painting contractors.

A new coat of paint is a smart renovation that could help you to achieve a better atmosphere for your business.

Are you ready to hire professional painters that you can trust? Please contact us if you want a quality painting for your building.

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