How to Hire a Commercial Painter Like a Pro

February 8, 2020

Are you ready to hire a commercial painter for an upcoming renovation project?

It sounds simple enough, but hiring the right company can make a huge difference in how the project turns out. Knowing how to weed out the mediocre painting companies and find one that does an excellent job is important.

Any commercial painting company can make itself sound competent. It takes a little more research to find one that's actually up to the job, especially if your commercial property renovation is a massive project.

Price isn't the only factor. You want the job to fit within your commercial renovation budget, but going with the cheapest option could leave you with less than stellar result. 

Keep reading to learn our tips for picking a commercial painter.

Ask for Recommendations

Tap into your business owner network to find commercial painting company suggestions. The painting company your neighbor used to paint their living room likely might not have the skill to tackle a large-scale commercial property. Look for other business owners to get commercial painter references for the best options.

Explore the Services

Your next step is to vet the options by checking out their services. Verify that they handle commercial painting services first.

Consider the scope of your project. What exactly do you want the company to do?

Are you painting office walls, adding decorative paint techniques, or sprucing up the exterior? Maybe you need durable floor coating or specialty coating applications to suit a specific industry. Get specific with the scope of the project before you get too far into the selection process.

Ensure the companies you're considering offer all of the necessary services. If the website doesn't specify, call the company to ask which commercial painting services are available.

Check for Past Experience

Commercial painting jobs vary significantly based on the property type and scope of the project. There's a big difference between painting the walls in a small office space and managing a full-scale commercial painting job in a large building or across multiple properties.

Before hiring commercial painters, look at the type of commercial work they've done in the past. Just because the company lists a specific type of commercial painting as an available service doesn't mean they have extensive experience doing it.

Is it a similar property type to yours? Do they typically work on commercial projects of your scale?

Does your property include unique challenges that might affect the painting work? Look for a company that's dealt with similar issues in previous jobs. Painting techniques and materials for an industrial facility or healthcare setting are different than general office areas, for example.

Contact References

Request references from past clients to check out the quality of the painting company's work. Call the references to see how they felt about the work overall. Ask any specific questions you have, or follow up for more information if the reference doesn't seem completely satisfied with the work.

Verify Credentials

Painting seems relatively safe, but you should never hire a company that isn't properly licensed, insured, and bonded to do the job. These credentials are a sign of a company that follows regulations.

The credentials also protect you. If the company isn't properly insured, they don't have financial coverage if something goes wrong. 

Say they damage your property during the job. Their commercial insurance should cover that damage.

Verify that the company also has workers' compensation insurance to protect their employees while they work in your facility. If a painter falls from scaffolding during a job and gets severely injured, that insurance covers those injuries. 

You leave yourself open to liability and financial losses if you choose a company that doesn't have the proper credentials.

Pay Attention to Communication

Solid communication is crucial to ensuring the painting job gets done correctly without issues. It may seem impossible to know how well a company will communicate once the project gets underway, but you might get some clues based on the interactions you have.

Pay attention from the beginning to how well each company communicates. Do they return calls immediately and answer your questions thoroughly? Or do they leave you hanging and never really give you the info you need?

If they don't have the time to communicate well with prospective clients, that communication won't likely get better once you hire them. 

Ask About Processes and Products

Painting a commercial facility has extra considerations. You can't shut down your business for days to let the painters do their thing. Asking questions helps you determine if the painter will work well for you.

You need a commercial painting company that's experienced in working around commercial activities. Ask how they'll handle the workload, particularly if they'll be painting during the workday. You want a company that's aware of your business activities and minimizes any disruptions to them.

Ask about the timeline for the job. Working around your operating schedule could extend the timeline. 

Even when the painter is careful not to completely interrupt work, it's still an inconvenience for your employees. Knowing how long to expect the job to take help you plan.

Ensure the company has the right equipment to handle your job. A massive warehouse with high ceilings requires different equipment than an office space with standard-height ceilings. 

Ask about the type of paint, coatings, or other product used. Commercial painting doesn't necessarily mean high-quality paint. Some companies try to save on costs by choosing inferior products, so it's important to know what brand and type of paint they use. 

Review the Contract

Never work with a company that doesn't provide a contract for the job. The contract shows the details of the project, so you have proof of what you agreed to do. It's your protection if something goes wrong or if the painter doesn't handle the job as expected.

Read through the painting contract so you understand the agreement. Ensure that you agree to all of the stipulations and details before you sign.

Hire a Commercial Painter

When you hire a commercial painter, you need someone who has the tools and expertise in your type of project. Check on the quality of work before making your decision.

Are you ready to hire a commercial painting service for your facility? Check out our services to see if our commercial painting expertise matches your needs.

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