Give Your Salon A Makeover

March 1, 2019

Do you think it's time to give your salon a fresh new look?

Painting the walls it's a simple way to give your salon a fresh new feel and to attract new customers. But choosing the right colors to suit your brand vision can be difficult.

Fear not! Read on for your guide on choosing the right salon colors to give your space a new look. 

Why is it Important?

There are over 80,000 salons in the United States. In order to stand out, you need to make sure that your salon looks its best. But you might not even notice that it isn't.

Over time, the buildup of products like hair coloring and hairspray can take its toll on your walls. Your clients may start to notice stains and cloudy buildup.

As this is a gradual buildup, you might not notice that your salon is slowly becoming drabber. You might not think your walls need a fresh lick of paint.

But you'll instantly notice a real difference in the brightness and freshness of your salon after redecorating. More importantly, your clients will too!

Have a Coherent Vision

Style, color, and theme will guide your selection of decorating details. You want all those elements to work together to form one, unified look.

If your brand identifies as urban-upscale, choose a minimalist, modern decor. White walls with a black floor or trim and one or two bold, bright accent colors is a great choice. Use sleek, crisp furnishings with clean lines to tie the look together.

If your salon has a more traditional look that is homey and comfortable, choose soft colors. Match these with softer lines and furnishings to complete the look.

For example, a plump sofa and chairs in the waiting area will add a real homey feel. Use soft cushions to tie it into your color palette.

Decide what mood you want your salon to set. For something fun, energetic and upbeat choose vibrant accent colors that 'pop'. If you want something calmer and more serene, choose softer colors or deep, rich tones.

The key here though, no matter what mood you're going for, is to incorporate accent colors that contrast with your main palette. This will create a more sophisticated, layered emotion range. To create a great environment, it's all about how your colors play off each other and blend together.

Color and Contrast

Color selection is very important when it comes to salon spaces. Color is a mood changer, and color theory is your new best friend. The more you know how to manipulate a space using color, the more powerful your vision will be.

Make sure to contrast your colors with accent materials like glass, textiles, and wood. If you're looking for a more soothing mood, a soft color like sage mixed with dark wood accents like paneling or trims is a powerful combination.

For something more upbeat and lively, take bold vibrant colors and mix them up with accents like metal and glass. Wall and pop art, along with glass chandeliers, or modern metal furniture will give a clean, crisp modern feel to your space. To add that little bit of comfort and softness, why not try a shag-style rug in the waiting room.

The Effect on Hair

When painting, color isn't just important for the mood you want to set or the design style you want. Fundamentally, the color you choose on your walls is going to change how a hair color looks inside the salon.

If you choose a warm color, you might find yourself constantly moving to the window every time you are asked whether someone's hair looks too brassy. It probably won't be brassy at all, but warm colors like reds and oranges can definitely change the perception of hair color.

If your salon offers hair coloring services, this area will do well to have a critical absence of color. The coloring areas should include bright, light and white walls and clear lighting. This way the patron's desired hair color will be the true star of the show.

Choosing Your Colors

When it comes to this stage, creating a mood board will really help. This is easy to do online, or with a sheet of poster board with color and fabric swatches and pictures from catalogs and magazines.

Take the samples and images you like and arrange them on the board. You can add and subtract until you're satisfied with your look, they glue them down. This helps identify which elements work together and which ones don't. It will also act as your guide as you decorate.

Keep in mind to choose colors that make your salon look inviting. If your space is small for example, don't use darker colors that can make it look even smaller. Choose warm earthy tones like creamy shades of red, yellow, blue or green. Make sure to add plenty of lighting and mirrors to make your space feel bigger.

The Right Salon Colors Make a Difference

The trifecta to a successful business is a great environment, a great product, and great service. By being thoughtful with your color choices and making sure they blend well with accents to create the desired mood and style, you're well on the way to ticking off the great environment box.

Your salon colors will make a difference. It changes how clients feel and perceive your service and brand, but also down to simple things like how the color of their hair dye looks.

Use mood boards to help plan out your look so your colors flow seamlessly with your interiors. And don't be shy to be bold or daring. Having your own unique look and feel will be sure to keep your salon the talk of the town!

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