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I'm sure you'll agree that commercial painting is not cheap and easy so you want to do it right and not have an expensive repaint anymore. 

If that is the case, then the key is getting the best commercial painter near you so you are sure the paint job is done correctly!

In this article, I'm going to help you find the best commercial painter near you.  The topics I have covered are:


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Commercial Painter Near San Bernardino County, CA


Choosing The Right Commercial Painter in San Bernardino County, CA

You'll need the best painting company for your project. Don't settle for subpar companies that lack experience, and organization. There are thousands of companies out there, all trying to push the exact same product. What separates them from the true professionals? Experience.

When you compile references and experience, your work can only improve. When you've attained such experience over the years, it shines. Your project is unique and desires specific attention so that it can reach its maximum potential. You can achieve this through hiring the right professionals for the job, and here, we've listed how to do that.


What Is Commercial Painting?

You'll see two different types of painting while conducting your research: industrial, and commercial. We'll get into the difference between the two a little later.

Commercial painting revolves around commercial properties. More than that, it's a profession. While you may read an ad in the paper, or see a friend posted on social media about his new painting business, these are not the definition of professional commercial painters. If you asked them the difference between a commercial and industrial painting, there's a chance that they couldn't answer that simple question without a Google search.

Commercial painting generally includes slight methods of restoration to ugly building facades. Cracks and unsightly crevices can be amended, sealed properly for moisture control, and painted all by the same set of hands. These services also include proper priming, which sustains the longevity of an excellent paint job. Commercial painting as a whole covers large-scale projects with efficiency and safety; it's not recommended to tackle these big projects on your own with two rollers and a bucket of paint.


Why You Need To Hire A Professional Commercial Painting Service Near You

There's no way to get around it, experience speaks volumes. When you think about your business, imagine the painting quality it would possess if you did it on your own. While you're probably decent with a brush or roller, you don't do this for a living, and it's not a passion of yours.

You need someone trained to handle the appearance of your commercial property with care and diligence. More importantly, you don't want to pay to fly in the best painters or pay for long distances traveled to get them to you. Fortunately for you, Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. is nearby, and available in the following cities.


The Benefits of Hiring A Nearby Painting Company

In most construction-style companies, it's not common for everyone to travel in one vehicle. Workers meet at jobs sites, generally not in their home city. Hiring a company near you can cut down on unnecessary costs. In some cases, mileage is included in your painting quote when you're fifty or more miles away. Getting the best painting company doesn't always mean paying the best price specifically for services rendered. You need to ensure, for cost's sake and time management, that your painting company of choice is nearby to your project site.

Fortunately for you, Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. can be found in the cities listed above. You'll get workers who get to the job site as soon as is legally possible for commercial work in specific zones, which is crucial for those near private residences. Painters getting to a job site late when they're subject to highway accidents clogging up the freeway, or local traffic. Hiring a company near you will result in better finish times, and overall, will cost you less money and less aggravation in the end.

In terms of acquiring a quote, a painting company near you can get to you faster for urgent projects. Don't wait around 2-3 days to schedule a quote. When your painting company of choice is in your own backyard, it makes the process far more time efficient and enjoyable. Not every project is sprung upon you with a time-friendly window in which to complete it. You've got a secret weapon: a professional service on standby, awaiting the green light to begin on your project, and deliver top-quality, excellent experience. You'll have customers and colleagues asking you. Who did you hire to paint your store? It looks amazing.

You already know what the answer is going to be: Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc.


Interior Commercial Painting

Standard paint companies come in, make a mess, slap on a few coats of latex-based paint, and call it a day. You'll also feel the sting when the bill comes. When you pay for a service any service, you expect quality. You're earning your money through hard work; shouldn't your painting company work just as hard to earn the money you're putting down on this project?

There are steps that can't be avoided. While most companies will put on primer-paint combination buckets, it's never been as effective, and that's a fact. Petrusse Norris knows how to get the job done right, and with fair quoting. If you're in need of a well-painted interior to your commercial property, don't go with the wrong company. It will come out in the results, and people will take notice.


External Commercial Painting

More often than not, when you hire a commercial painter, it's for the outside of your property. After all, you have to think of curb appeal, of keeping your business maintained properly to attract new customers and retain your recurring ones. When a business visibly falls into disrepair, it's blatantly obvious.


Commercial painters not only get your business painted effectively and efficiently, but they can do it with customers in mind. Your potential revenue won't be deterred by scaffolding or equipment everywhere; Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. knows how to set up shop without compromising your business.


The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Painting

Commercial painting deals more in aesthetics than function. When you hire a commercial painter, it's for the improved image of your commercial property. While it's undeniable that your professional appearance is crucial to maintaining a healthy level of clientele and revenue, industrial painting serves a different purpose.

With industrial painting, you deal with features and coatings that serve different functions, such as waterproofing, heat resistance and protection from acid rain. Industrial painting is more of an intricate and complex means of painting when it comes to selecting the proper products. You're not just dealing with color choices and texture; it's something that only a true professional should do for you. These services include preparing garage floors, painting concrete, and asphalt, among many other things.


Why Choose Petrusse Norris

With over 25 years of professional experience in the industry, there's no better option than Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. for your project. They have covered a wide array of projects, from the smallest to the largest; no project is too small, no project is insignificant. Their professional services have everyone talking. Here are some reasons you should go with Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc.


- Referrals That Speak Volumes: With a long history of happily satisfied customers, span through the referrals on their website. Customers choose Petrusse Norris for every one of their tasks once they work with them.

- Results You Can See: Visit their website and view the photo gallery. It's not just a name with nothing to back it: you can see the proof from previous projects. With before and after photographs, you'll wonder why it took you so long to find them, and when they can start on your project.

- Top Ratings: Apart from consumers, Petrusse Norris has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and is affiliated with organizations such as the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, and the Institute of Real Estate Management.

- Superior Knowledge: When it comes to what paint types and effects your project needs, trust the experts. You may now always know


What You Get With The Other Guys


You shouldn't settle for less. When you select amateur painters or non-reputable companies, you run the risk of becoming susceptible to an array of things. These include:


- Non-Accredited Services: It's difficult to break into this industry, but that isn't your problem. You need to best of the best, and when it comes to the deciding factor, you need to look at credentials. Referrals, proper licensing, and insurance. There's no reason to settle for less.

Cut Corners: More often than not, they'll miss tiny details that they don't think can be spotted from ground-level. Corners on rooftop junctions, wall space behind banner placement and signs. Truthfully, you can't trust cheap services without a professional approach.

- Unclear Costs: Without credentials to run with, how can you be certain that you're getting the best possible price for your service? You can't; pure and simple. Professionals have an answer for every question, whether it regards paint quality, distributors, or why certain sections of your quote cost what they cost.

- Lesser-Grade Insurance: Liability is a constant factor when dealing with scaffolding, chemicals, and elevated spaces. If you can't get a clear answer on the insurance that a painting company offers, or they don't allow you to know what their insurance policies hold, you're dealing with amateurs, if not, scam artists. You deserve to be worry-free when your commercial business is being painted, not standing at the base of a two-story scaffolding setup while biting your nails.

- Low-Quality Paint Selections: With new companies or mediocre ones, you'll have less access to the paints and finishes you need to make your project shine. Painters should be experts on not only the application of different paints but about the types. Textures, finishes, and features they all play into the selection process.


Commercial Painting Services Offered

Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. doesn't mess around when it comes to services offered. There are no cut corners; you're given their best because that's what's in a reputation. The reputation of your business depends upon many factors, between how you conduct yourself to services rendered, but there's one fact nobody can ignore: nobody enters storefronts in disrepair.

Fortunately, the experts are only a phone call away. The last thing you want to do is hire a company through what's sometimes referred to as a painting brokerage, where you deal directly with a middle man. Think about it this way: they need to earn their living as well as pay the painting company. You're not only going to be given a much higher quote, but you'll also be subject to information being lost in the translation. From your hand to the painters; that's all there should be. You want to communicate openly and thoroughly to ensure you're getting exactly what you paid for a quality painting.

If you're working with professional designers to appeal to specifications, whether it's for a franchise location that must appeal to corporate mandate or your own unique preferences, you need a professional commercial painting company to work alongside you to ensure quality. Deadlines need to be met; you would be surprised what Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. can do for you in terms of estimated project completion dates.


Getting A Free Quote

No two tasks are alike; you'll need a quote to roll with and decide if this company is right for you. Fortunately, Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. offers free quotes on jobs big and small. The process is quite simple, and a professional representative will be able to work with you to acquire the right estimate for your project.

You'll want to survey the area that you're looking to get painted. Try to give some specifications over the phone or in a message so that you may receive the most accurate quote possible. An expert will determine, based upon your specific project, what type of paint is needed, and bring forth a list of options to you for approval.

Call Petrusse Norris Painting, Inc. at 1-800-300-2291, or visit to send an email. You will receive a prompt response, and begin the process of quoting your project and meeting with a project manager to discuss a time frame. Don't wait; pick up the phone.