Commercial Paint Options for Farm Buildings and Machinery

January 18, 2021

So, your tractor is getting rusty, and your barn is looking a little weathered. Guess it's time to show your buildings and equipment a little love... Why not spruce them up with some commercial paint?

Tools and farm equipment weather over time, and it's easy to let your equipment fall into disrepair. So, when the paint on your tools starts to peel, something has to be done. 

Prevent rust and rot from gaining a foothold and keep your tools and buildings working indefinitely with one of these paints.  

For Your Tools and Tractors

Your tools and tractors will need paint explicitly formulated to combat rust and heavy labor. Whether you want to hire out or not, here are some of our favorite brands. 

Rust-Oleum Farm Equipment Spray

This paint is excellent for your first coat and touch-ups down the road because any variation of this brand is easy to find and buy in spray cans. Unlike our next paint, which prevents and seals existing rust, this paint is only great at preventing rust. Be sure to sand down and repair any existing rust before painting. 


  • Rustoleum is an extremely durable enamel. It will rarely chip and weather, prolonging the life of your paint job. 
  • This paint resists UV rays well, meaning that it doesn't degrade and lose color quickly. As long as you perform regular touch-ups on areas that might've scraped off, then this paint should last close to a decade... maybe more! 
  • Quick-drying formula. This paint dries QUICK. When you're painting a fleet of vehicles and tools, then you're going to want paint that sets up in a reasonable amount of time. Rustoleum should set in 24 hours or less. 


  • The one downside of Rustoleum is its limited color choice. So, if you're using Rustoleum to touch-up older paint, you might not find the color you need. 

POR-15 Semi-Gloss  

This paint is excellent for yard finds and older equipment that's fallen into disrepair. It's incredible at painting over rust and sealing the metal to prevent further damage. 


  • This paint will paint straight onto rusty equipment. You don't even need to clean the area. This paint is an excellent option if you need to bring so machinery back to life. 
  • This paint gets hard, and we mean HARD. After drying, you shouldn't have to worry about this coat cracking, chipping, or peeling. That makes this paint excellent for a rust-free base layer.
  • Of course, the big selling point for this paint is that it stops rust from progressing. This paint has such a thick, hard cure that minimal oxygen should be getting out, and rust can't spread without oxygen.  


  • This paint does begin to degrade faster for all of its strengths when experiencing continuous UV radiation. So, if you're restoring to a hard-working, outdoors machine, then make sure to put a top coat of UV resistant paint over the top.

Commercial Paint for Your Barn

When you're painting your barn, the most important thing is to work against rot and mildew. So, we've chosen two excellent paints that excel in both of these fields. 

KILZ Exterior, Fence, and Barn Paint

KILZ is an excellent brand–we love them and they're trusted by many other commercial painting services as well. The oil-based formula that KILZ uses in this paint is perfect for protecting your home and livelihood. The oil base will do an excellent job of protecting your farm from the worst of the weather. 


  • The biggest plus of this paint is its longevity. This paint from KILZ doesn't do what many other paints do. You should only need to sand down and patch the occasional flake - and we mean OCCASSIONAL. This paint will rarely flake or crack. 
  • KILZ is cost-effective as heck. Depending on how well you seal and care for the wood, this paint can cover 200-500 sqft per gallon. That's an insane amount of coverage. This paint varies between 200-500 square feet per gallon, depending on the porousness of the material you're painting.
  • Finally, KILZ is versatile. You won't need to limit your application to only wood. Use this paint on masonry, plywood, wood siding, stucco, laminate, and even glossy surfaces if you sand them first. 


  • For whatever reason, KILZ's containers tend to leak in transit. So, buy a little extra to get the coverage you expect from a 5-gallon tub. 

VALSPAR Barn and Fence Latex Paint 

Latex paint is the more modern answer to oil-based paints. Latex paints are fairly weather-resistant and are an excellent commercial painting choice when painting any outdoor structure. 


  • The biggest plus for latex paints like this paint is cost. The main reason that many painters and farms choose to use latex paint is that you can buy larger quantities of paint for a lower price. 
  • This paint will dry hard and resist the elements exceptionally well. Additionally, this paint is resistant to UV radiation and won't fade - keeping your barn a beautiful red and your house a gleaming white. 
  • This paint will spread easily onto any surface that's well prepared with sanding and a primer. That includes stonework, metal, and wood products. 
  • Finally, as we mentioned before, time to dry is one of the most important things to consider. This paint will fully dry in 4 hours and will be touch dry in half an hour.


  • VALSPAR's offering is thick, making it a bad choice if you're using a sprayer (even if you're using a commercial paint sprayer,). Roller or brush this paint onto your buildings. 

Do Good by Your Farm, Choose the Right Commercial Paint

The right paint is essential for a reliable farming operation. So, choose the right paint to prolong the life of your machines.

(Plus, the right paint can make your equipment look darn good too.)

If you have any questions or looking to hire a contractor, feel free to reach out to us here. We're ready to help with any of your commercial paint needs.

The Author | Melissa Petrusse
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