Commercial Large Projects

June 22, 2017

Commercial Painting: Large Projects

Petrusse-Norris Painting, Inc., the trusted name to bid and manage your large commercial painting projects:

With over 25 years experience, and guaranteed top-quality workmanship, safety, and competitive pricing, we at Petrusse-Norris Painting will go above and beyond time and again to earn and keep your business. Although we are experts in pricing and time management of small commercial jobs as well, we have delivered exceptional quality, safety, and timeliness for countless large commercial projects. From painting entire parking structures, shopping malls, resorts, hospitals, office buildings, banks, restaurants, you name it! We have even painted university buildings, city jails, transit centers, and amusement parks! When it comes to industrial painting, our expert help, A+ rated insurances (excess general liability insurance & workers compensation insurance), outstanding safety record, and competitive prices, are only a phone call away:

Call Us Toll Free 800-300-2291

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The Author | Melissa Petrusse
Melissa Petrusse, President, Petrusse-Norris Painting - Licensed Painting/Decorating Contractor and Color-Expert. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa with any painting project questions, as she is happy to be of service. Simply fill out the Contact Form found on our Contact Page, as Melissa personally receives each request. View More Post from Melissa Petrusse