The Best Office Paint Colors for Inspiring Innovation

November 5, 2019

Innovation is the tool that helps you stand out from the competition. However, business leaders struggle to create innovating ideas.

In order to think of that million-dollar idea, business leaders and staff need to immerse themselves in creativity. While art can do the trick, a fresh coat of paint on the walls is the first best step to get the creative juices flowing.

If your office is overdue for a new paint job, it can be difficult to pick which color is right for your business. Here are the best office paint colors to inspire innovation, creativity, and productivity.


Red is the best color for productivity. Red is a color that influences the body. It creates a sense of urgency and stimulates energy.

Is red only appropriate for businesses that require movement and heavy lifting? If you and your staff sit in the same office all day, red is still an ideal office color. That’s because red walls help stimulate the mind as well as the body.

Red is also an amazing color to boost collaboration. Red is a color that entices conversation and socializing. If you hold conferences in one specific room, paint those walls red.


Blue is also a stimulating color. But unlike red, it doesn’t create a sense of urgency. Rather, it keeps you alert and inspired. Blue helps you stay focused, helping you get a lot done in a little bit of time.

The best aspect of blue is all of the shade options you have. If you want to create a more intense office space, choose a light blue or teal. If you’re in a corporate setting and want a color that pleases customers and clients, choose a blue-gray.


Green is the color of money, inspiring businesses to make more sales and think of innovative ideas that attract the masses. Green is also the color of nature and serves as the perfect inspiration for eco-based companies.

However, green embodies more. This color inspires balance and relaxation.

Like blue, green is also versatile. Deeper forest green is sleek, perfect for a lawyers office or similar. A softer and velvet green helps inspire relaxation, perfect for spas and therapist offices.


Yellow is a very emotional color. It stimulates happiness and energy. Yellow is the color of the sun and it can brighten up your day. That’s why many creative-based industries and companies, such as design firms, use yellow on their walls.

But certain yellow shades can be too bright. If you want to use yellow, find a shade that works with your business and your office.

Pastel yellow is perfect for marketing firms and even clothing stores. But a yellow shade with a little more gold is more versatile and better for general businesses and offices.


You likely want to avoid the stock white office walls — which is probably why you’re here in the first place! But white walls get a bad reputation. You can opt for an off-white shade for a versatile and softer shade.

Off-white with hints of beige will give your office a warmer appearance. Adding an intense accent color, such as blue, will help brighten up your office.

Certain accent colors also create a unique office wall color. Take blush for example. This is white with peach undertones. This evokes a sense of joy but is still subtle enough for corporate offices.


Gray is an overall neutral color. It’s safe and works well in most offices. Unfortunately, gray is also a melancholic color and make you and your staff moody.

However, businesses can get creative and choose different shades of gray. A popular color is called “barely there gray.” It’s technically an off-white with slight gray and green undertones. This color is very relaxing and versatile for all offices.

Try to find gray shades with cool undertones. This little bit of color adds more personality and creates a modern vibe while still maintaining a professional look.


Brown is a powerful color. Like green, brown embodies nature. Brown is also the color of favorite foods and beverages, such as chocolate and coffee.

Brown is also ideal in an office setting because it’s warm, giving off a rustic vibe. This is why brown is a good color for an executive meeting space but is also ideal for your staff and customers.


Purple is associated with femininity but it offers many shades and palettes for all businesses. A stunning purple such as violet is perfect for a salon, inspiring creativity amongst stylists and their clients.

A stronger, berry purple is loud. While this sounds intimidating, it can work for a myriad of offices that want to inspire creative thinking. Softer purple shades have a regal feel and are great for real estate offices all the way to retail stores.


Orange is a stimulating color, perfect for innovation and creative thinking.

However, working with orange paint is tricky. Painting your entire office orange will be a little too loud. Many businesses resort to having an orange accent wall or designs.

However, there are times when orange works as the dominant wall color. Orange blends the best of red (productivity) and yellow (emotion). This is why orange is a fun office color.

Orange is also a color associated with food and drinks, perfect for kitchens and restaurants.


If orange sounds too loud, coral is a great alternative. Like orange, coral is a fun color.

But the pink notes help calm down the color’s effect. In addition, coral also stands out and catches the eye. It’s vibrant and playful, perfect for trendy and modern offices.

Coral is also beach-themed, perfect for resorts and other nautical businesses.

The Best Office Paint Colors: Which One Will You Choose?

Whether you own a small office or have a huge corporate building, the right office colors are powerful enough to boost your innovation. These are the best office paint colors for all offices. Which one will you choose?

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