6 Ways to Use Paint to Make a Room Look Bigger

November 21, 2020

The paint on your walls impacts the style and vibe of a room, but it can also affect the way rooms appear in terms of size.

In fact, there are ways you can paint to make a room look bigger, even if your space is small in terms of square footage.

Read on for a list of six ways you can use paint to make any room appear larger than it really is.

1. Keep Paint Colors Light

Classic white paint might be out of style for lots of people, but it's a smart option if you're wondering how to paint to make a room look bigger. Thankfully, you're not just stuck with shades of white, cream, or ivory if you're on the hunt for softer tones.

Any color that's light and subdued will trick the eye into thinking a space is larger. You can paint the walls a variety of colors to make that happen including light gray, soft blues, or beige. Even pastel colors will help to make a room seem bigger.

Stay away from dark, imposing colors in smaller rooms, or else you could end up feeling closed in. The lighter the color, the more open and airy a room will look and feel

2. Give it Some Gloss

Paint in a matte finish looks elegant, but it might not work best in certain spaces. For example, if you have a small kitchen, consider painting it with high gloss paint instead.

Not only does high gloss paint protect your walls from stains and moisture, but it's also great at reflecting the light. Consider going with high-gloss in a small kitchen to help this part of your home look bigger.

The higher the sheen of your paint, the more reflective it will be, thus making a room appear larger. Try a few different samples until you find the ideal sheen for your taste and your needs.

3. Paint to Make a Room Look Bigger with Contrasting Colors

An accent wall with two different colors can help make a small space, such as a dining room, seem bigger. This technique will help to draw the eye upward which can combat the small, closed-in feeling of rooms with low light or lower ceilings.

Not only will an accent wall or a room with a two-tone design add visual interest, but it's also a great tactic to make the area seem larger in size. Apply the first color to all of your walls, then choose a lighter, neutral accent color around the top half for contrast.

You can create this double-color look on all four walls or just choose one as an accent. Whichever you choose, the lighter top half of the wall color will help any room seem bigger.

4. Maintain the Flow of Your Home with the Same Color

It can be tempting to paint different rooms different colors, but staying consistent can make your entire home seem bigger. Choose a light, neutral hue for every room, then use it throughout to help create an open feel.

When you paint the trim, doors, and ceilings, choose a lighter shade than the wall color. This easy technique will help to make any small room look and feel a lot more open.

Choosing the same color for every room creates a cohesive, seamless look. It also does a fantastic job of encouraging the eye to continuously flow from room to room.

5. Sample Several Colors First

You might fall in love with that trendy stone gray paint color in the store, but how will actually look on your walls? Before you start painting, it's a good idea to bring several samples home with you.

Choose a wall that's exposed to the most natural light to give you an honest idea of how the color will actually look in your home. Paint a few swatches of colors on this wall and allow it to dry completely, so you can see it on a larger scale and in your actual space.

When you see the paint color on your actual walls and where it will be permanent, you might decide that another color will work better. This is the best way to get a clear concept of what your new paint color will look like once it's complete, and how it will affect the way your home feels in terms of openness.

6. Consider Vertical Stripes

If you're feeling really adventurous, consider painting your walls in wide, vertical stripes. Just like clothing with vertical stripes may help you appear slimmer, the same concept applies to the home.

Painting stripes requires some patience and skill, so make sure you consider hiring a professional if you're unsure about the process. Choose two different contrasting colors like a neutral and a darker or brighter color to alternate.

Stripes aren't for everyone, but this painting technique certainly does an effective job at making a room look bigger. The tall, vertical stripes will instantly make a room seem larger than it really is.

Paint For a Bigger Space

Consider some of these tips to help you paint to make a room look bigger. Whether you go with a high-gloss finish paint or choose an accent wall, it's easy to use paint to your advantage and help your home feel more open.

Don't forget to swatch several samples of different colors before you make a commitment.

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