6 Reasons Why Roof Painting Can Improve Your Business

August 1, 2019

Color Theory: 6 Reasons Why Roof Painting Can Improve Your Business

Color Theory: 6 Reasons Why a Roof Painting Can Improve Your Business

Considering a roof painting for your business? Here's why it'll change more than just color.

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28 million small businesses currently operate in the United States.

That’s roughly 1 business for every 12 people in the country! Clearly, business is a popular pastime! There’s no shortage of entrepreneurial sorts hustling and bustling away every day.

That makes for a healthy amount of competition! To ensure success, business owners must take steps to maximize their profitability and stand out from the crowd.

Unlikely as it may seem, painting the roof of business premises is one way of doing both. As it happens, there is a multitude of business benefits to painting your roof.

Interested in learning more?

Keep reading for 6 top reasons roof painting is beneficial for business.

1. Protection from the Weather

All roofing provides an essential barrier between a building’s occupants and the weather.

It’s the first line of defense against the rain, wind, hail, snow, the sun, and so on. A well-maintained roof is vital for protecting your business from the elements.

Anyone responsible for a property’s upkeep must look after their roof. Don’t, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Fail to maintain the materials and they’ll become increasingly vulnerable over time. This is especially true of metal roofing.

Thankfully, painting the roof with a specialty coating can be a quick and effective way to protect it. You don’t even need to be an expert to do it either (though there are pros and cons to the DIY approach). Periodic preparation and repainting of the surface can successfully protect the property.   

2. Roof Cost Minimization

Replacing a roof isn’t cheap.

Even replacing a section of the roof can cost significant sums of money. Homeowners, for example, can expect to pay up to $4,500 to make significant roof repairs.

Consequently, failure to protect your roof has more than mere practical implications. The potential exposure to the elements is one thing. But the ensuing repair costs can throw a financial spanner in the works too.

By comparison, painting a roof every few years with a protective coating is exceptionally cheap. Think of it as an investment. A (relatively small) upfront cost can save thousands of dollars in the long run.

The need to minimize unexpected costs is paramount for most businesses. Surprise expenses such as roof repairs may be enough to put some out of business.

3. Save on Energy Bills

Roof painting can save businesses money in other ways too.

It’s likely that utility bills make up a significant percentage of annual expenditure. After all, maintaining a building is rarely cheap. Gas, electric and water costs can amount quickly.

We’re guessing the opportunity to cut these costs would be snapped up by most business owners!

Nicely, painting the roof can do exactly that. Indeed, some forms of roof coating are designed to effectively reflect the UV rays from the sun. They form a barrier that makes the building less pervious to heat. This has a great cooling effect on hot sunny summer days.

By keeping the building cooler, there’s less need for expensive air conditioning! Consequently, energy consumption (and the ensuing bill) is reduced.

An added bonus is the increase in comfort levels to employees working inside. There’s nothing worse than feeling overheated when you’re stuck inside all day.

4. Enhances Energy Star Rating

Energy star ratings are an increasingly common topic of discussion.

In today’s world, environmental issues are a major societal (and global) talking point. As a result, the ability to enhance the energy-saving qualities of all products and property is a major plus.

Indeed, many places are actively stipulating the need to abide by a certain energy star rating. If that’s the case, then there’s a legal imperative to minimize your business’ energy consumption.

As we’ve already noted, painting the roof of your building is a relatively easy way to do it.

However, that’s not the only incentive. Buildings with a higher energy star rating tend to have a better resale value. After all, whoever moves in knows their energy costs will be relatively low. Paint the roof and get more money when you come to sell.

5. Improved Brand Image

Every business relies on a strong and positive brand image.

When the brand name gets pulled through the mud, business suffers. Conversely, a shining reputation builds trust, authority and, ultimately, drive sales.

Painting the roof works favorably in this realm for two reasons.

Firstly, the energy-saving step demonstrates the business’ commitment to green living. This, for many consumers, is a major positive.

Secondly, a fresh lick of paint can modernize a tired and beaten up looking building. Sure, the paint is on the roof, but the point remains. It demonstrates pride in the business aesthetic. This can have a particularly positive effect on businesses that hold rooftop events.   

6. Aesthetics From Above

This point won’t apply to every business owner.

However, it’s still worth making.

Businesses must strive to advertise themselves however possible. The best advertising has minimal costs and a maximum return. Painting the roof is often a great way of doing this.

Indeed, why not paint the roof with an incredibly, brand-related mural? Why not paint the company slogan in giant letters on the roof? At the very least, the company name could go on there.

Any traffic passing overhead (imagine businesses based near airports) has the chance to see it. A one-time expense may provide an endless stream of interest, leads and potential customers.

Time to Get Roof Painting

There you have it: 6 top reasons roof painting is good for business.

American is a country full of businesses. Small, medium and large-scale operations are up and running in each and every state. And every single one of them can benefit from painting their roof!

Taking this easy step provides all manner of advantages. From enhanced weatherproofing to better branding, a fresh coat of roof paint can make a major difference.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted the top incentives to get painting!

Are you a business owner? Interested in painting the roof of your business premises? Contact us today to see how we can help.  

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