5 Reasons To Hire A Commercial Painting Contractor

September 4, 2017

As a business owner you've worked hard for years to grow your business -- but a small mistake could be killing your profits.

When is the last time you updated your interior paint? What about the exterior?

If you had to think for more than a moment -- it's been too long.

As a business owner, you do everything in your power to maximize profits and increasing revenue can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint.

Trust a profession and get it right the first time -- hire a commercial painting contractor.

Here's why you should. 

Reasons To Update

Still not sure you need to break out the color swatches?

When you compromise the appearance of your business you are compromising a key advertising opportunity and hurting company morale.

Also, failing to regularly update your paint can result in serious damage to your building.


You do a lot to let people know who you are and what you do. But all that advertising is wasted if they don't want to go in after they've arrived.

The appearance of your business is a customer's first impression of your company. What kind of impression do you send with chipped paint or a dated color

Entice new customers and maintain old ones by making your space appealing. Make a good impression and update your paint!

Make a good impression and update your paint!


An unattractive work place can be costing you more than customers -- it could also be negatively impacting your labor costs.

The appearance of your business sets the tone for employee performance.

Work environment is a key factor in employee job satisfaction. And a dated aesthetic can lead employees to think you don't take your business seriously.

If it looks like you don't care, they won't either.

An appealing environment helps employees focus and gives them greater job satisfaction.

And when people feel good about their jobs they do more.

DIY: Not Worth A Try

Maybe you're thinking, "I'm pretty handy, I don't need to hire a commercial painting contractor."

I would rethink that choice.

Painting can be complicated, and an inexperienced painter is unlikely to run into quite a few problems. In addition, it takes time you probably don't have to do it yourself.

Business owners can't afford to waste a moment between scheduling and inventory and managing employee

You can't afford mistakes, a bad job will lead to redos which cost you more time and money.

Still not convinced?

Here are 5 reasons to hire a professional painting contractor, and skip the DIY.

5 Reasons to Hire a Commercial Painting Contractor

Experienced contractors can help you quickly meet your goals and provide great results. Here are five ways that a commercial painting contractor outperforms a do-it-yourself job.

1. Longer Lasting Results

If you want your paint to hold up against the test of time, hire a commercial painting contractor.

Commercial painting contractors are highly trained professions with experience painting buildings to last. Many do-it-yourselfers don't have the know-how to ensure their finished products will last.

And in the long run, that wastes your time and money -- two precious resources for a business owner.

Inexperienced painters fail to properly treat the building before painting, which can cause in early paint failure. Paint failure is a lack of adhesion between the paint and the film, resulting in a faded, peeling appearance.

Early paint failure will cost your business its reputation and you a bit of money while you fix it. When people see a building that looks run-down they make negative assumptions about the owners.

When people see a building that looks run-down they make negative assumptions about the owners. They may think you are going out of business or you that you aren't a resistible organization.

Avoid the stigma, hire a commercial painting contractor.

2. Better Appearance

Professionals always do it better, that's why they're the pros.

Technique is very important in yielding quality results. Professional commercial painters have extensive experience painting on a wide range of surfaces and textures.

 They have spent years developing and perfecting techniques to address many different painting problems.

They know their stuff, and it really shows in the finished product.

3. Materials and Experience

The painting materials you use play a huge role in the finished product.

And unless you run a house painting business, I doubt you have access to a wide variety of high-quality supplies.

Commercial painting contractors are equipped to handle all types of jobs.

If you run into a problem you could lose more time and money trying to fix it. And there is no guarantee you'd get the results you wanted anyway.

You don't have time to waste, and a commercial painting contractor will get it right on the first shot.

4. Professional Planning and Delivery

Commercial painting contractors are professionals who ensure the job is done correctly and on time.

You can rest easy knowing they are licensed professionals with comprehensive insurance.

When you are investing in your business you want to ensure you are getting a good value. Professional painters provide you with peace of mind, knowing that professionals with years of experience are on the case.

5. More Cost Effective

I saved the best for last.

It is more cost effective in the long run to hire a professional. It saves you time, money and whole lot of stress.

Mistakes are unpredictably costly, a commercial painting contractor is not.

It may cost you a little up front, but getting it done right the first time is worth it.

Final Thoughts

Hiring painters costs money, but not doing it will cost you more in the long run!

The bottom line is that not hiring a professional to paint your costs you precious time and energy. And ultimately compromises the overall quality of the finished result.

The shrewd business choice is to hire someone else and ensure it's done right.

Invest in your long term success and hire a commercial painting contractor.

The Author | Melissa Petrusse
Melissa Petrusse, President, Petrusse-Norris Painting - Licensed Painting/Decorating Contractor and Color-Expert. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa with any painting project questions, as she is happy to be of service. Simply fill out the Contact Form found on our Contact Page, as Melissa personally receives each request. View More Post from Melissa Petrusse