January 6, 2020

Every business needs a spruce up from time to time. Office walls become drab and uninspiring. Your roof paint starts to fade and flake and your exteriors look like they've seen better days.

If you want to create a good first impression for your business, paint is important. Shabby exteriors can drive new customers away.

So, it's a good idea to get your paint refreshed at least every 5 years if you want your business to thrive. Here's what to look for when you're shopping around for the best commercial painting company in your neighborhood.

1. Professionalism

It's true that hiring a one-man-band might save you money at the outset, but you'll pay for your spendthriftiness down the line. You want to work with a company that specializes in commercial painting. don't hire house painters for the job. 

Always look for qualifications, experience, and credibility while searching for commercial painting contractors. Page right past anyone who doesn't have all three. 

2. Commercial Painting Company Licenses

Licensing requirements vary from state to state and job to job. Some licenses apply only to residential jobs, some are for smaller jobs only.

Be sure to choose a contractor who is properly licensed for the task at hand. You can check their credentials online with the relevant licensing board.

3. Necessary Insurances

No matter how great your home insurance is, it's the contractor's responsibility to have adequate insurance too. 

To protect your property, make sure you choose a contractor with at least $1 million coverage in comprehensive business liability insurance. Likewise, the contractor must carry worker's compensation insurance to protect you and them against any accidents and injuries that happen on your property.

Ask for proof of these before you even ask for an estimate. 

4. Ethical Practices

Check if your contractor complies with current health and safety legislation.

Ask about the materials they will be using for your commercial painting job. Are they safe for your employees and clients? Is the paint non-toxic and of high quality?

How do they deal with any waste products or leftover paint? It's important the contractor complies with environmental regulations too. 

5. References

Before engaging with any contractor, speak to their customers first. Ask the contractor if you can speak to some of their former clients

Call these companies and ask them about the experience of working with these commercial painters. Ask questions like:

  • Are they punctual and hardworking?
  • Do they complete things on time?
  • Where you satisfied with the quality of their workmanship?
  • Did you have to call them back for any aspect of the job?
  • Did they leave your property in a neat and tidy state afterward?
  • Did you experience any interruptions in your daily operations due to their work?

Reputable commercial painting contractors will have a long list of references that they're willing to share with you.

6. Reputation

While it's not possible to call every previous client when investigating a painting contractor, the internet is an excellent source of information. 

You can look for reviews online. You'll also find ratings for the contractor if they're registered with the Better Business Bureau or a Trade Association.

While perusing these reviews, don't discount a contractor based on one negative review. Rather, see how they dealt with the customer's complaint. Unresolved issues are a red flag - avoid those contractors. 

7. Answers to Your Questions

Once you've completed your background investigation, get in touch with the painting company and ask if you can interview one of their representatives.

There are a number of questions to ask a contractor before hiring them but it's not only the answers that count. The way they deal with your inquiries is important too.

Do you feel like they care about your business and understand your needs? Will you be able to work with them for the duration of your project?

8. Competitive Prices

Once you've found three contractors that tick all the boxes above, ask each of them to supply an estimate for your commercial painting work. Then, compare what they have to offer. 

Don't let price be your only consideration, pay careful attention to what you're getting for that price too. Faster turnaround time and better quality paint are worth the extra cost.

Look for any extras included in the higher-priced estimate and decide whether you need them or not. Often contractors will be willing to drop some additional frills as long as they don't affect the final look or longevity of their work.  

9. A Warranty or Guarantee

Another thing that can affect the price of your paint job is the type of warranty you get with the job. 

If a company has nothing to hide and is confident in their workmanship, they will give you a warranty. One- to three-year warranties are the norm in the painting industry. 

This warranty should cover both labor and material so that you're covered for any eventuality. Make sure you understand any exclusions and that you're happy with these before you decide to proceed. 

10. Written Confirmation

When you've made your final decision, ask them to put your arrangement in writing. This agreement should include :

  • Anticipated timing i.e. start and end dates
  • Number of hours they will work each day - as well as the times
  • Details around preparation and clean-up 
  • All applicable warranties or guarantees 
  • Expected payment dates and amounts

If your painting contractor has made it this far, you should be confident that they'll do a great job. 

A Shortcut to Finding the Best Commercial Painter

Save yourself time and effort. Our commercial painting company has reviews and references to prove we're the best.

We're fully licensed and bonded and have decades of experience in the industry. What's more, we pride ourselves on our excellent, personalized service regardless of the size of your job. 

Get in touch and you'll soon find out why we're the right choice for your commercial or industrial building. 

The Author | Melissa Petrusse
Melissa Petrusse, President, Petrusse-Norris Painting - Licensed Painting/Decorating Contractor and Color-Expert. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa with any painting project questions, as she is happy to be of service. Simply fill out the Contact Form found on our Contact Page, as Melissa personally receives each request. View More Post from Melissa Petrusse